Working together has never been easier

We are ready to advise and support entrepreneurs in SMEs with regard to accounting, payroll, tax and business economics issues. Digitization has an important role in this.

Digitization is an important efficiency improvement within our organization and we continue to innovate in this area. We are using the most modern techniques and software to support our processes.

If you decide to outsource the administration to us, you can submit the documents digitally via our online documents portal. Through a scan or photo of the receipts and invoices, the documents are being uploaded and forwarded to the accounting package. After verification, the invoices and receipts will be entered in the system. In this way, remote collaboration does not have to be a problem.

Deliver as you prefer

We understand very well that you as an entrepreneur do not always have the time to keep a good record of your accounting. That is why we do not care how you deliver the documents; we can handle the well-known shoe box full of receipts as well as well-cared digital information.


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Tax plan 2020

Tax plan 2020

Posted on: 2018-11-06

Working is becoming more rewarding, on the other hand there is an increase in the burden on companies, the Climate Agreement will be tackled immediately with tax measures that encourage climate-friendly behavior, ...

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Tax plan 2021

Tax plan 2021

Posted on: 2020-10-12

The Tax Plan 2021 package contains additional measures to stimulate economic growth in this corona crisis. At the same time, the cabinet also offers perspective for the period after that. The government will conti...

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  • If I was not able to put a foundation of trust, then it would have been difficult for me and could have prevented me

    M.H. Habibi
  • Through family I was sent to Effectivity Consultancy because, according to them, things were tightened up....

    Furaat Tahir
  • I could have the short-sighted idea of taking care of my financial affairs by myself and saving costs....

    Jan Meester
  • The fact that Effectivity Consultancy does not exist for a very long time could have meant that I had not taken the services..

    Habib Heratipoor
  • I was impressed of how Effectivity Consultancy was able to find my contact details and called me to give me the information

    O.L. Folarin

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