Jan Meester

I could have the short-sighted idea of taking care of my financial affairs by myself and saving costs. But it turned out that when I picked up my financial affairs there was a lot more to do than I initially anticipated. And in addition to a busy job these things are always pushed backwards and you then end up in an impossible deadline and then report things incorrectly or not at all. Suddenly you notice that this also gives an undefined feeling. This has made me decide to leave these important matters to a professional. The services of Effectivity Consultancy has provided a solid and good insight into my personal financial situation. At the same time I was given clear insight into the risks that I, albeit unconsciously, have taken and that saving on professional financial support was not a saving in my case. I value the personal attention for my financial situation the most. But also the peace of mind that your business is in good hands, that you know that you get the most out of your tax affairs and the personal financial advice. I certainly do not want to leave the personal attention in combination with the execution of the services unmentioned.

Acces Strategist, Development Manager and Product Owner at KPN


Effectivity Consultancy
Transformatorweg 28
1014 AK Amsterdam

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Tax plan 2020

Tax plan 2020

Posted on: 2018-11-06

Working is becoming more rewarding, on the other hand there is an increase in the burden on companies, the Climate Agreement will be tackled immediately with tax measures that encourage climate-friendly behavior, ...

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Tax plan 2021

Tax plan 2021

Posted on: 2020-10-12

The Tax Plan 2021 package contains additional measures to stimulate economic growth in this corona crisis. At the same time, the cabinet also offers perspective for the period after that. The government will conti...

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  • If I was not able to put a foundation of trust, then it would have been difficult for me and could have prevented me

    M.H. Habibi
  • Through family I was sent to Effectivity Consultancy because, according to them, things were tightened up....

    Furaat Tahir
  • I could have the short-sighted idea of taking care of my financial affairs by myself and saving costs....

    Jan Meester
  • The fact that Effectivity Consultancy does not exist for a very long time could have meant that I had not taken the services..

    Habib Heratipoor
  • I was impressed of how Effectivity Consultancy was able to find my contact details and called me to give me the information

    O.L. Folarin

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